Readers ask: What Would It Cost To Ship A Vehicle From Texas To Northern California?

Dallas, Texas to Los Angeles, California is around 1557 miles; it also takes approximately 3-5 days to ship your car. It will cost you about $1,400 if you use the enclosed carrier and $800 to use the open carrier for car shipping.

How much would it cost to ship a car from Texas to California?

The average shipping cost from Texas to California is between $450 to $850 on a open carrier and $950 to $1100 on a enclosed carrier. The actual cost will also be depending on the pickup and delivery location as well as the type of vehicle you are transporting.

How can I ship a car from Texas to California?

If you’re looking to transport your vehicle from Texas to California, then you’re in luck! American Auto Transport provides some of the industry’s best service for Texas to California auto transport. Call American Auto Transport at (866) 327-7863 and make your auto shipping reservations today!

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What is the cheapest way to ship a car?

Yes, the cheapest way to ship a car is on open transport. An open carrier often costs hundreds of dollars less than an enclosed carrier.

How much does it cost to ship a car to California?

Cost of shipping a car to california If you are shipping a normal sized sedan 1,000 miles using an open door-to-door transport service, the median price is about $1,150.

How much would it cost to ship a car from Texas?

The cost of shipping your vehicle can be about $650 to $1000 if you are looking for the best transportation company to ship your vehicle.

How much does it cost to ship a classic car?

The cost to transport a classic car depends on the distance, timeframe, and the transportation service that works best for you. On average, it costs $3.38 per mile to ship your car less than 100 miles but costs $1.14 per mile to transport your classic vehicle less than 1000 miles.

How do I figure out shipping costs?

Just weigh the package and use a shipping cost calculator to get a shipping price. If the parcel is small but heavy, get a shipping cost based on dimensional volume which might be cheaper. Remember that when calculating postage by weight, use the total weight of the package and not the weight of the product itself.

What is the best company to ship a car?

Top 5 Car Shipping Companies

  • #1 Montway Auto Transport: Best Availability.
  • #2 AmeriFreight: Best Discounts.
  • #3 Sherpa Auto Transport: Best for Locked-In Prices.
  • #4 Easy Auto Ship: Best for a Quick Pickup.
  • #5 uShip: Best Auto Transport Marketplace.
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What is the cheapest way to tow a car long distance?

The cheapest way to tow a car long distance will be with a car carrier, not a tow truck. The reason for this is based on the principle of towing more than one vehicle at a time. That way you are dividing costs between all the cars heading to a similar destination.

How can I ship my car to another state?

6 Tips for Transporting Your Car to Another State

  1. Select the Right Auto Transport Company to Ship Your Vehicle.
  2. Calculating How Much Car Shipping Costs from One State to Another.
  3. Choose Your Type of Transportation: Enclosed Transport vs.
  4. Schedule Your Auto Shipment Early.
  5. Get Your Car Ready for Interstate Transport.

Is it worth it to ship a car?

If you are moving more than 300 miles away, then we highly recommend shipping your car. Driving is feasible for most people when it is around 300 miles at the most, and the car is relatively new. If the distance is long, or the vehicle is a bit older, then you are better off shipping it.

What is the average cost per mile to ship a car?

The average cost to ship a car within the continental United States is $950. The highest average price is $1,200, and the lowest average price is $700. The per mile average for moving a car is $0.60 per mile for trips of 1,000 miles or more. People ship vehicles for many reasons.

Can I ship my car to California?

Open Transport Truck – It is a very safe car shipping method. Many of our transport truck drivers, who ship cars to California and other states, run routes using an open transport truck like the one shown to the right. Also many car manufactures and dealerships use open transport trucks.

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