Readers ask: How Much Does A Parking Permit For University Of Texas At Dallas Cost?

Student Parking Prices

Option Price
Fall Spring
Green Permit $144 $96
Gold Permit $257 $171
Evening Orange Permit $325 $217

How do I get a UTD parking pass?

Permits may be purchased via credit or debit card only. Permits are sold: • Online at: • In-person at Parking and Transportation Office located in Parking Structure 3 (PS3 1.200).

Can freshman have cars at UT Dallas?

Permits are required for all vehicles to park on UT Dallas owned or leased property regardless of whether you are an online student, part-time student, full-time student, faculty, staff or visitor.

Does Utd have visitor parking?

Visitor Passes Visitors can get a one-day parking pass from the Visitor Center or Parking Office (PS3 1.200) with a photo ID. This pass may be used on the day it is issued and will allow you to park in Green parking spaces. Please note: Passes are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

What is auxiliary parking?

“Auxiliary parking” or “auxiliary driveway” means any area excluding the required minimum improved surfaces for parking or driveways that provides for the parking or driving of vehicles.

Where can students get their Comet Card Utd?

The Comet Card Office is located on the second floor of the Student Service Addition.

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Can you visit the UTD campus?

Student -led outdoor walking tours are offered at the Visitor Center and showcase our beautiful campus and give an inside look at student life at UT Dallas. Students are welcome to bring two additional guests. Spaces are limited, and to ensure tours do not exceed capacity, students must preregister.

Can I visit Utd?

Experience UTD You can explore UT Dallas by viewing our virtual tour or by taking a self-guided campus tour. You can also email any questions to [email protected] Visitors can get a one-day parking pass from the Parking Office (PS3 1.200) with a photo ID.

Is Utd doing in person tours?

UTD Tour Options In-person and virtual campus tours will be offered at the Visitor Center for undergraduate prospective students. Guests will experience a guided campus tour showcasing different aspects of campus and student life. Spaces are limited, and guests must preregister.

What is an improved surface?

What is an improved surface? It is a driveway or parking surface constructed of concrete, asphalt, paving stones or other hard material. You might be able to use another material but only with the approval of the city building official.

How do I register my car at UNG?

How to Register a Vehicle

  1. Use your UNG username and password to login to the Parking Services Web Portal.
  2. After a successful login, read the Terms of Use and click “I Agree” then you’ll arrive at the home screen.
  3. Select Permits type and click “Next”
  4. Click “Add a Vehicle”

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