Quick Answer: How Much Do Tolls Cost In Texas?

Rates for each segment will be based on a price of 17.7 cents per mile for two-axle vehicles. It will cost $7.19 to drive from I-10 to I-45 (about 40 miles) and $2.49 to drive between I-45 and U.S. 59.

How do you pay for toll roads in Texas?

Go to Pay A Bill and log in with your account number or license plate number. You can also make a payment through our automated phone service by calling 1-888-468-9824.

Are tolls still free in Texas?

6:00 a.m. HCTRA continues hands-free tolling; cash customers asked to drive through and pay tolls online (with no penalty). Cash will not be accepted at booths, but drivers should drive through and pay online for the tolls only, with no additional service or violation fees.

How do I pay Texas tolls out of state?

Visit mytolltag.com or call our Customer Service Center at (972) 818-NTTA (6882) or 817-731-NTTA (6882) to set up a new TollTag account.

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What happens if you don’t pay tolls in Texas?

Under Texas law, someone who fails to pay a toll may be charged with a criminal misdemeanor for toll evasion under Chapter 370.11 of the Texas Transportation Code. If found guilty, the registered owner of the vehicle can face fines of up to $250 per unpaid toll in addition to court administrative fees.

Do out-of-state drivers pay Texas tolls?

NTTA won’t charge out-of-state drivers. NTTA aggressively pursues all tolls owed, whether the vehicle is registered in Texas or another state. For out-of-state vehicle owners who want a TollTag: TollTag accounts are available to both in- and out-of-state customers.

What happens if you go through EZ Tag without one?

If you go through an E-ZPass only lane with no transponder, it may post to the rental agency’s E-ZPass account by the license plate and you may be assessed a fee plus the toll rate from the rental company.

How do I get an EZ Pass fee waived?

The correct way to get the fees waived is to send E-Z Pass a brief dispute dispute (return receipt requested) along with your payment by check.

How much does an EZ tag cost in Houston TX?

EZ Tag can be used in Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas and costs $15 for the tag. You must load $40 onto the tag to begin with and it reloads a minimum of $40 automatically when your balance dips below $10.

How much is the toll on Texas 130?

The base toll rate for a light vehicle (such as a family car or pickup truck) will be 15.8 cents per mile or $6.48 to travel the entire length of the new roadway. The base toll rate for an 18-wheeler will be 63.1 cents per mile or $25.89 to travel the entire length of the new roadway.

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Does Texas have tolls?

There are approximately 25 current toll roads in the state of Texas. Toll roads are more common in Texas than in many other U.S. states, since the relatively low revenues from the state’s gasoline tax limits highway planners’ means to fund the construction and operation of highways.

IS 635 in Dallas a toll road?

The HOV lanes on I-635 from US 75 to I-30 have been transitioned into TEXpress Lanes (HOV/Express Lanes). Motorists with at least one additional passenger and motorcyclists who have a valid toll tag and register as HOV continue to use the lanes at no cost. Solo drivers must pay a toll to use the Express Lanes.

Do unpaid tolls affect your credit?

Did you know the unpaid tolls can go to collections just like any other type of debt? Not paying on a toll road can have severe consequences for your credit report. As long as EZ Pass Collections is on your credit report, it can lower your score and hold you back from getting the financing you need.

How long do you have to pay tolls in Texas?

Pay By Mail customers have 30 days to pay their bill either in person, via check, online or over the phone. Click here to pay your 183A, 290 Toll, MoPac Express Lane, 71 Toll Lane, 45SW Toll or 183 Toll bill online. Click here to pay your toll bill for use of all other Central Texas toll roads.

Can I use my Texas toll tag in other states?

Where can I use my TxTag? TxTag can be used on all toll roads in Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

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