Question: How Much Does It Cost To Get A Toll Tag In Texas?

Get Your TollTag Select from the standard TollTag account ($40 for up to three TollTags) or the $20 Starter TollTag, perfect for the infrequent toll road driver. Toll Tag customers are required to maintain a positive account balance, which can be monitored online or via the free Tollmate mobile app.

Is it worth it to get a Texas toll tag?

The Verdict: Are Toll Tags Worth It? Although toll tags have caused some billing errors and raised privacy concerns, the benefits do seem to outweigh the drawbacks. Transponders can reduce your carbon footprint and save you time during your commute. They also help make roads safer and reduce distractions while driving.

How long does it take to get a toll tag in Texas?

Once you have opened your TollTag account your TollTag will be mailed to you immediately and you should receive it within 10-15 business days, depending on US Postal Service delivery.

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How do I get a toll tag for a new car in Texas?

Requesting a new TollTag is simple, free and can be done via the online customer service center. Log in to your account and click on “Account Maintenance” on the left side navigation. Under “Place Orders” is the link to request a new TollTags.

Is TxTag cheaper than EZ tag?

Both tags work along all toll roads within the state of Texas. The state’s TxTag requires you to pre-pay $20 worth of tolls. Harris County’s EZ TAG requires $40 down plus a $15 activation fee.

Which toll tag is best in Texas?

Do I pick EZ Tag or TxTag?

  • EZ Tag can be used in Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas and costs $15 for the tag.
  • TxTag (pronounced Tex-tag) is good for the entire state and does not cost money for the tag.

Is EZ Tag and TxTag the same thing?

Yes. All Harris County operated toll road lanes designated with an EZ TAG-ONLY sign will also accept your TxTag or NTTA TollTag for payment, provided your account is in good standing and the vehicle’s license plate is registered with your tag.

Where can I buy a Texas toll tag?

By Phone – Call the TxTag Customer Service Center toll- free at 1-888-468-9824. International customers call 001-214-210-0493. By Mail – You may also download and print the application for a TxTag. Mail your completed application to TxTag Customer Service Center, 2420 Ridgepoint Drive, Austin, TX, 78754.

How do Texas toll tags work?

How It Works Page | TxTagStore Site. TxTag makes paying tolls easy. The thin TxTag sticker goes on the inside of your windshield behind your rearview mirror. An electronic reader above the toll roads sends a signal to the microchip inside the sticker, and tolls are automatically deducted from your prepaid TxTag account

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Does HEB sell toll tags?

It’s time to get your EZ TAG. Users can open an EZ TAG account backed by a credit card or bank account, or buy the new EZ TAG powered by BancPass at local H-E-B® and Corner Stores and reload with cash at any H-E-B® or CVS Pharmacy®.

How do I pay my tolls in Texas?

Go to Pay A Bill and log in with your account number or license plate number. You can also make a payment through our automated phone service by calling 1-888-468-9824.

Do out of state drivers pay Texas tolls?

NTTA won’t charge out-of-state drivers. NTTA aggressively pursues all tolls owed, whether the vehicle is registered in Texas or another state. For out-of-state vehicle owners who want a TollTag: TollTag accounts are available to both in- and out-of-state customers.

How do I get an EZ tag for a new car?

You may open an EZ TAG account online today and your EZ TAG can be mailed to you or you can pick it up at a nearby EZ TAG Store. You may also open an account at an EZ TAG Store to receive your EZ TAG immediately.

Is EZ TAG good for all toll roads in Texas?

EZ Plate works on all toll roads in Texas where EZ TAG is accepted, including on the Grand Parkway and toll roads in Dallas and Austin.

What toll tags work in Texas?

Texas toll tag TxTag, TollTag and EZ TAG are all tag transponders accepted in Texas to pay tolls electronically. The electronic toll system is also interoperable with K-Tag of Kansas and PIKEPASS of Oklahoma. There are bridges on the Mexico-Texas border that only accept cash.

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