How Much Does It Cost To Title A Trailer In Texas?

It costs $45 to register trailer or travel trailer up to 6,000 pounds. See our trailer titling section to find whether you need or can title your trailer. In some instances, you can register the trailer without titling it. Registration renewal is online at

How much is tax title and license on a utility trailer in Texas?

Fees one can expect to pay when buying a car in Texas are as follows: Sales Tax: 6.25% of the total vehicle purchase price. Title Transfer Fee: $28 to $33 (varies by county) Tag / License Fee: $51.75 base fee, $10 local fee.

How much does it cost to register a trailer in Texas?

The annual registration fee for a trailer or travel trailer (if the trailer requires registration) with a gross vehicle weight of 6,000 lbs. or less is $45.00, plus applicable fees and local county fees. The annual registration fee for a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of 6,001 lbs.

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How do I get a title for a trailer in Texas?

You will need to take the following to the applicant’s local county tax office in order to title/register the trailer:

  1. Evidence of ownership – Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, title, bill of sale, or out-of-state registration receipt.
  2. Completed Title and/or Registration Application (Form 130-U)

Can you buy a trailer without a title in Texas?

So, can you buy a Camper Without a Title in Texas? Yes, you can buy a camper without a title in Texas. However, campers in Texas will need titles to be registered unless they are trailers weighing less than 4,000 pounds.

Do you need a title for a trailer in Louisiana?

Requirements: All trailers must be titled in the registered owner’s name before a license plate can be issued.

How much is the title transfer fee in Texas?

The title fee is $33, plus motor-vehicle sales tax (6.25 percent). There is also a $2.50 transfer of a current registration fee. If the license is not current, there may be a registration fee. Please note sales tax is paid on the actual price or 80% of the Standard Presumptive Value — whichever is the higher amount.

Do trailers need insurance in Texas?

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles exempts non-motorized vehicles including trailers from mandatory liability insurance. However a trailer insurance policy can be quite important if you wish to protect your assets and finances.

Does my trailer need inspection in Texas?

If your trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) that is more than 7,500 pounds, an inspection is required. This includes trailers, semitrailers, boat trailers, pole trailers, mobile homes, and travel trailers. Note: Farm trailers displaying a farm license plate are not required to be inspected.

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Can you get a title with a bill of sale in Texas?

Meet Your State’s Requirements For instance, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles says you must be a resident of the state or be stationed with the military in Texas to use your bill of sale to get a title. In addition, the vehicle must have been titled in Texas before you bought it.

Does a homemade trailer need a license plate in Texas?

The State of Texas does not require individuals to secure a Vehicle Identification Number on their homemade trailers unless they need to be titled. However, the state does advise trailer owners to get a VIN number because it can help with recovery in the event the trailer is stolen.

Do all trailers need to be registered?

Not every trailer is required to be registered. Registration requirements are determined by the trailer type, purpose, usage and/or size. There are three different trailer registration plates.

How do you write a bill of sale for a trailer in Texas?

The following are particulars in the trailer bill of sale:

  1. Purchaser’s name and physical address.
  2. Seller’s name and physical address.
  3. Selling price.
  4. The date of the deal.
  5. The trailer particulars: the model, the make, year of manufacture, VIN.
  6. The names and signatures of buyer, seller, witnesses.
  7. The notary public.

How do I get a tag for a homemade trailer in Texas?

To get a title for your homemade trailer, it has to pass a Texas trailer inspection, which is done by an auto theft law enforcement officer. If your homemade trailer is new, Texas trailer laws require that you fill out forms VTR-141 and 130-U. Both forms are downloadable from the Texas DMV website.

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Do utility trailers have titles?

In addition to the bill of sale, you’ll need to apply for a title to prove ownership of your trailer. When you initially buy the trailer from a manufacturer or dealership, it won’t have a title, so you need to fill out an application. Locate the title application for your state online and fill out the forms completely.

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