FAQ: How Much Does It Cost To Take The Tour At The Blue Bell Creamery In Brenham Texas?

Blue Bell Road, Brenham; 979-830-2180; www.bluebell.com. Brenham tour cost (includes ice cream at end): $5, adults; $3, ages 55 and older and 6-14.

Does Blue Bell creamery give tours?

Tours run Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. A limited amount of tickets are sold online, but most are purchased on a first come, first serve basis at the tour center. To plan your trip, visit www.bluebell.com or call 1-800-327-8135.

What is the observation deck at Blue Bell?

Blue Bell has opened an observation deck for the public to look out and see how ice cream is made at the creamery. During tours, the deck is the last stop before you arrive at the ice cream parlor.

How much do Blue Bell employees make?

The average Blue Bell Creameries salary ranges from approximately $63,180 per year for a Driver Sales Representative to $75,261 per year for a Route Salesman. The average Blue Bell Creameries hourly pay ranges from approximately $15 per hour for a Merchandiser to $15 per hour for a Merchandiser.

How much does Blue Bell cost?

Typically the Price for Blue Bell Ice cream is $4.00 – $7.00 so when the blue bell ice cream cost is in that lower range you should stock up.

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How many gallons of ice cream does Blue Bell make a day?

Despite the limited distribution area, Blue Bell represents the third most popular branded ice cream in the United States and produces approximately 100,000 gallons of ice cream each day.

Does Blue Bell Ice Cream support any charities?

Does Blue Bell support charity? (Does the company support any causes or charity): Yes, grassroots activism.

Where are blue bells headquarters?

Blue Bell produces over 250 different frozen products. Of these, 66 are flavors of ice cream. Twenty of the flavors are offered year-round, while an additional two to three dozen are offered seasonally. In addition to ice cream, the company produces frozen yogurt, sherbet, and an array of frozen treats on a stick.

Does Blue Bell drug test?

Yes they are drug tests!

Is Blue Bell the best ice cream?

For a brand associated with down-home ice cream and product names like Homemade Vanilla, Blue Bell sure does have a big influence in the total ice cream market. Blue Bell has regularly been among the top five selling ice cream brands in the United States, despite distributing to less than half of the country.

What is two step cookie?

Blue Bell is bringing back its “Cookie Two Step” ice cream flavor after it was recalled in October 2016. Blue Bell describes the Cookie Two Step as ” A creamy vanilla ice cream with hints of brown sugar, combined with chunks of chocolate creme filled cookies and tasty chocolate chip cookie dough pieces.”

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